Gameshow ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ Goes Into Greece (Deadline)
May 25, 2023

Marcus / Glass Productions format Let’s Make a Deal is headed to Greece. Commercial network Alpha TV has ordered a local version of the gameshow through a deal with international distributor Can’t Stop Media.

Titled locally as To Pio Megalo Pazari (The Big Bazaar), the show will come from Alpha and be exec produced by Foss Productions, the indie producer behind Series Mania International Competition entry Milky Way. The series will run daily in an access prime slot.

In the U.S., the show has run on CBS, hosted by Wayne Brady, since 2009 and is nearing 3,000 episodes. This marks the latest since Marcus / Glass, a joint production venture between Marcus Entertainment Chairman Marcus Lemonis and Glass Entertainment Group CEO and former CBS Entertainment boss Nancy Glass, acquired the IP and appointed Europe-based distributor Can’t Stop to sell it internationally.

In January, we reported TVI in Portugal had ordered both daily and primetime Sunday night versions, while Indonesia’s GTV runs it every night of the week is nearing 300 eps. The format recently premiered in Hungary on TV2.

Let’s Make a Deal continues to deliver as a safe bet for broadcasters worldwide,” said Glass. “We are excited for this timeless format to find a home in Greece.”

We’re pleased to get this daily commission in such a competitive market,” added Damien Porte. Partner at Can’t Stop. “Access primetime is the ideal slot for this legacy format, which has already been adapted in 23 countries from Asia to the Americas. We believe this will pave the way for more broadcasters to follow track.”

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