About us

CAN’T STOP media is an independent entertainment content boutique based in London, with a presence in Paris. It produces and distributes both formats and finished programmes. Its expertise ranges from gameshows or primetime family entertainment to blue-chip docu-drama series.

The company’s main strategy consists in sourcing ideas and themes for non-scripted shows from independent creators, co-develop those projects before partnering with channels and platforms to finance and broadcast them in a first territory. Once a show establishes as a hit, CAN’T STOP media rolls it out globally, either for local adaptation or tapes acquisition.

CAN’T STOP media most successful titles include gameshows LET’S MAKE A DEAL (nearing 3,000 episodes on CBS and successfully relaunched in Germany and Indonesia), GUESS MY AGE (sold in over 20 countries with more than 2,500 episodes produced globally) and COUPLE OR NOT (licensed in 4 countries), political factual entertainment format FACING THE CLASSROOM (adapted in 12 countries), TF1’s hit shiny floor MYSTERY DUETS (recently produced in Korea and soon in Brazil), THE SECRET SONG (now in its 6th season in France, 3rd season in Finland), factual entertainment show MUM OF THE WEEK (8 local adaptations), the satirical puppet show THE GUIGNOLS (adapted for Fox in the US under the title “Let’s be Real”), high end docu-drama series AIR COCAINE or SECRETS OF THE PYRAMID BUILDERS (produced by Pernel Media for Canal+, Smithsonian Channel in the US and History Channel in the UK) and  fact ent series FRENCH RIVIERA LUXURY REAL ESTATE recently produced with ITV Studios.

CAN’T STOP media was founded by Matthieu Porte, Arnaud Renard and Damien Porte in 2011. After 4 years of successful operations forging strong relationships with leading global players and licensing shows across the five continents, it was acquired by Vivendi (owner of Canal+) and transformed into Vivendi Entertainment, Vivendi’s unit specialized in the creation, production and global distribution of non-scripted content.

In April 2020, CAN’T STOP Media was relaunched by its founders in order to catch all the market opportunities, while maintaining a strong business relationship with Vivendi and Canal+ as the company is appointed as international distributor of IPs formerly handled by Vivendi Entertainment.

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