CAN’T STOP media acquires global distribution rights to ‘The Queer Explorer’
August 30, 2023

CAN’T STOP media announces the international launch of “The Queer Explorer”, a new exclusive 4-hour docuseries which follows Nicky Doll, first introduced to a global audience as part of the cast of US “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and now a judge and host of “Drag Race France”, as she embarks on a fantastic journey across the globe to discover an endless variety of ways to express oneself as a man, woman… and way beyond! .

In the show’s first season, Nicky visits four culturally diverse countries – India, Greece, Mexico, and Japan – and introduces viewers to a range of fascinating individuals who defy social norms and embrace their true selves. From the ancestral Hijras community, recognized as a third gender in India, to Luchadoras female wrestlers in Mexico or the Rainbow Pride in Tokyo, she witnesses the unique power of self-expression and diversity on an unforgettable itinerary to embrace a world that is far more vibrant, colorful and accepting than one ever imagined.

Produced by Effervescence (the production company behind France 2’s “De Gaulle, charismatic leader, private man” hit miniseries and daily gameshows “Hold on to your seat” and “Slam”), “The Queer Explorer” was commissioned by France Télévisions and starts airing in primetime on France 5 this Tuesday, August 29.

Simone Harari Baulieu, Effervescence’s CEO and owner, says: “Nicky Doll and director Maxime Donzel have travelled to every corner of the world to shoot this 4-part series and it is now time for it to travel! From the very beginning, we have crafted “The Queer Explorer” for a global audience. We trust in the talent of CAN’T STOP media to bring the first ever travelling show hosted by a drag queen to the international market and make it a success!”

Nicky Doll, host of the show, states: “Having made this series was already a journey. Every day, on my social networks, my followers ask me if they will be able to watch the series in their own country. Making this important project of love accessible to everyone would mean the absolute world to me.”

Matthieu Porte, CAN’T STOP media’s cofounder, says: “We were amazed to discover this truly unique project. Nicky’s curiosity, empathy and ease to connect with people from such diverse cultures make him a very strong ambassador to the queer communities. The show is an outstanding journey for a global audience eager to discover fascinating characters from the four corners of the world.”

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