Back to the Present

To celebrate the buzz making anniversary of the date when Doc and Marty Mc Fly landed in the future (October 21 2015), in the cult film “Back to the Future 2”, Vivendi Entertainment launched the exclusive one hour special into more than 40 countries with broadcast partners such as History in the US, RTL2 in Germany, Nippon TV, Amazon Prime in the UK, Discovery in Spain, Italy and Poland. It was a huge ratings success across the board!

In this documentary we take a look at how does the Future, imagined in the movie by Steven Spielberg, Bob Gale and the rest of the team, compare with today’s world.

At the crossroad of science and pop culture, exclusive interviews with the cast, director & producers, and with top tech experts from the Silicon Valley are mixed together with clips from the film and never-seen behind the scenes’ analysis!



Final Teaser

Original broadcaster

C8 (France)


52 or 90 minutes




France, USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy,Poland, Latin America, Brazil

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