Couple or not?

In each episode, a pair of contestants have to turn themselves into perfect love investigators to win up to 50 000 euros.

In 5 rounds and a final, they must reassemble 6 couples hidden among a group of 20 people (thus including 8 singles).

At the start of each round, a person who is in a couple appears before the contestants. Then, several potential partners. The contestants must find the correct couple to accumulate the maximum amount of money that they will then be able to win during the finale.

The further the contestants go into the game, the further the number of potential partners and the more money at stake.

To help them, the contestants can call upon “Love Experts” to get clues about the couple they are trying to identify.

After the 5 rounds, the pair of contestants have accumulated a certain amount of money. Now, in the final, they are going to play to win that sum.

10 people will appear in front of them. 2 of them are in the couple. To win they must identify who the couple is. In total, they will be able to make 3 propositions with the help of the “Love Experts”.

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C8 (France)


Flab Prod (Vivendi)


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France, Russia, Hungary, Thailand

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