Dating with dogs

They are single. They want to find love and nothing could stop them in their search for the perfect match. Nothing except, maybe, their dog. But what if their faithful companion, a little too intrusive, finally became the best matchmaker…?

Thanks to the show’s dating application, singletons will select different suitors. No physical a priori, they must rely on their instinct as their choice is solely based on the suitor’s dog photos and a few personal info!

Before discovering who is hiding at the end of the leash, the singleton will only meet their dates’ dogs on a romantic “face-to-nose”. Can first feelings rise from the encounter? Will it be love at first sight? Or will it turn into a complete disaster?

The stakes are high as the singletons must eliminate one of the suitors before meeting them in person… Was their gut feeling right? Or will they regret their blind choice?

The singletons, the suitors and their dogs will then spend a week-end together at the singletons place. They’ll do anything to seduce each other, while making sure the alchemy also happens with the dogs.

A few days later, the singletons must announce to the suitors who is making their heart beat. Will the attraction be felt in return? Can true love stories begin?

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