Facing the classroom
Factual Entertainment

The nation’s leading public figures are back to school to be cross-questioned by a group of 20 kids. Will they pass the test?

In each episode, one public figure (politicians, actors, athletes, entrepreneurs) is facing 20 kids in their classroom.

Interview, practical exercise, English test, general knowledge quiz…One after another, they will not be spared.

Are children better interviewers than journalists? Will their innocence bring the truth and the reality behind the guests’ public speeches and under-control image?

FACING THE CLASSROOM is a refreshing and spontaneous show that gives the unique opportunity to discover the nation’s public figures as they are barely seen.

Airing as a special primetime in France, FACING THE CLASSROOM averaged 1,3 million viewers and an outstanding 7,3% share among 25-49 (+170% vs the slot, +46% vs the channel’s average). The performance among 15-34 was even more impressive with a 9,1% share (+214% vs the slot, +54% vs the channel’s average). It is the channel’s 3rd highest rated primetime show in 2017. 

News feed
PROMO (New Zealand)

Original Broadcaster

C8 (France)


416 Prod, Au Tableau Productions


Factual / Politics


From 26' to 100'


France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Middle East, Belgium, Finland, New Zealand, Lebanon, Czech Rep

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