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In each episode, two teams of 2 celebrities challenge each other in a game of Kemps. The goal is simple: assemble 4 identical cards and signal it to your partner without being noticed by the other team!

Each game is played in 3 rounds and a final. The team with the most points at the end of Round 3 goes to the final.

In order to make the game even more fun and crazy, the players won’t be playing with a regular deck of cards. Instead, for each round, two new zany categories are introduced to the players: “Products that might actually be fake”, “Tattoos of celebrities that look a little different from the original”, “Doctors that might not have their actual diploma (based on their name)”, etc.

For each of the 3 rounds, the teams are given a different sign by the host. These signs can range from a simple word to a totally random phrase, or even a crazy gesture, or even a hilarious combo of all those things!

In case of an irrelevant « Kemps Block », or if he wants to punish a player for trying to cheat, the host can open the « Book of Forfeits » and force one on them. The forfeits make playing the game much, much harder! From having to walk on a treadmill to playing with a nail board in the middle of the table or standing on Power Plate, anything can happen if the players cross the line!

In the finale, the 2 teammates must answer, in turn and while the other one has headphones one, to the same 10- question quiz with two possible answers for each question, while the losing team watches from the audience. If their answers match on more than 7 questions, they win a funny prize, chosen by the host himself.

Are you ready to play the most hilarious cards game ever?




Kissman Prod





Number of episodes

2 x 10 episodes

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