Love a la Carte

Thanks to TV, many chefs are now A-List celebrities. Their status makes us all dream about this intense job. But actually, chefs are often missing out a core element in what makes a happy life… No matter how successful in their career they are, too many chefs just can’t get in a sustainable and long lasting romantic relationship: crazy workloads and disrupted schedules, incapacity to be much at home, highly demanding and authoritarian in nature… all this makes it hard for chefs to strike love!

This brand new dating and reality format is the tale of a vibrant and heartfelt human adventure that embarks 4 single Chefs on a quest for love and romance, where cooking will take the centre of the stage!!

At the beginning of the show, our chefs each meet 8 single contenders. Throughout the adventure they will share a lot together: whether at our chefs’ locations, or during romantic gateways, or around the contenders’ circle of relatives. However, from time to time, our chefs will have to make tough decisions and eliminate contenders to remain with a single suitor at the end of the show.

Commissioned by D8 in France for a first series of 6 x 60’ weekly primetime episodes, the original version is under production and is scheduled to premiere in summer 2016.

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Original broadcaster

C8 (France)


Réservoir Prod


Weekly primetime



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