MH370 disappearance: have we been lied to?

On March 8, 2014, the 777 Boeing from Malaysian Airlines on its way to Beijing, from Kuala Lumpur, suddenly vanishes from the control systems, while the aircraft is flying over the China Sea. 5 years after the disappearance of MH370, nobody knows what happened on that day, nobody knows the fate of the 239 passengers and crews on board.

In the 21st century, with all the technology and tracking systems available, with hundreds of radars in orbit above our heads monitoring our every moves¸ how is it possible to see a 270 tonnes aircraft vanish with no traces?

At the time, 26 countries participated to the search efforts in order to find clues and plausible explanations to the mystery. But even today, nothing has been found to reply to all the unanswered questions and people from around the world are still wondering what really happened on that day.

In order to better grasp and understand all the different hypothesis, from the most serious to the most speculative, this film goes back to the official investigation and outlines the numerous inconsistencies surrounding the case since the beginning.

And many can come to a conclusion: have we been lied to?

From the producer of the MAYDAY series (160 episodes sold in over 150 countries), the film is written and developed like a police investigation, full of surprises and turns of events, with a focus on wrong directions taken by the authorities and full of question marks: a real thriller in the airline community. To accentuate the atmosphere of mystery, directing borrows many elements of style from scripted series.

The objective of the film is to introduce a fresh hypothesis for the crash brought up by acclaimed experts and unveil exclusive archive footage giving fresh clues on a tragedy that remains a complete mystery on the collective unthinking.


Original Broadcaster

C8 (France)


Galaxie Presse


English, French


52' (English), 90' (French)

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