Now or never
Factual Entertainment

At a time when it has become difficult to talk to each other and conflicts often arise from misunderstandings, bringing people face-to-face to exchange and share could be the last resort to save their damaged relationship. 

In every episode, ordinary people contact the production team because they’ve had a break-up with someone close to them. They have tried everything, and the show is their last hope!

Before they enter the reconciliation room, the mystery is kept alive: the guest doesn’t know who made them come, or why! If they accept, they will have to join an unprecedented scheme designed to bring people in conflict closer together.

Alone, in the reconciliation room, the protagonists will have 30 minutes and no more to talk, convince and try to reconcile. Remotely, the host intervenes to avoid clashes and to help put the pieces back together…

At the end of the 30 minutes, they will have to make a radical choice: to continue their story together by both selecting the “Now” door… Or definitely part away should one of them leave through the “Never” door. 



RTL-TVI (Belgium)




Weekly PT



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