The Real Fast & Furious

Fasten your seat belt for the exclusive entertainment special that’ll get you at the heart of an entire generation.

Fast and Furious is one of the most successful franchises ever: incredible stunts, amazing cars, sexy girls… movie #7 grossing over 1.5 billion dollars at the worldwide box office. And what you see in the movies also happens in real life.

We’ve hit the streets of Los Angeles to track the real daredevil racers down. These reckless drivers are ready to put their life at stake only for a few hundred dollars. And just like in the movie, some racers don’t hesitate to boost their cars with highly explosive nitroglycerine. We will tell you about fast cars’ addicts, whether they’re celebrities or anonymous.

You will discover the most insane races, the fastest racetracks in the world, where you can be Fast and Furious, for real.

But all these extreme behaviors could not last! Our cameras got an exclusive access to follow the police squad specially created to fight illegal street racing.

The first Fast & Furious movie actually inspired an undercover police operation which could have led to President Obama’s impeachment. We will tell you what happens behind the scenes of this international scandal.

You will also discover in this special how to make a car fly, for real!

If in the movies, actors are often replaced by experienced stuntmen, going fast in real life will be fatal to Paul Walker. We will disclose the circumstances of his death in a terrible car crash… but also what shameless business followed his death.


Original Broadcaster

C8 (France)

Frequency / Duration

52' special



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