Legends of the Pharaohs

LEGENDS OF THE PHARAOHS is an ambitious docudrama series shot in 4K that brings to life extraordinary true stories from the age of the Pharaohs. Based on the most recent research, with dramatic location filming, the series captures the energy and immediacy of a living world, the drama of real lives, and the splendour of the most fascinating civilization in the ancient world.

Season 1 of this thrilling series brings back to life Egypt’s great pyramid builders and trace one century of epic construction, from the first true pyramid built by Djoser until the third and last Pyramid of Giza. Today, thanks to the most up-to-date research, it is possible to shine a new light on the personal stories of individuals who took part in the construction of the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza. This is the gripping tale of how the Ancient Pharaohs’ quest to enter the afterlife affected the lives of tens of thousands of people, changed the face of the planet and helped create the world’s first nation.

Season 2 (currently in post production) focuses on the 18th dynasty that founded the New Empire, a period known as the golden age of Egypt. It unveils the secret life of the pharaohs and their people, who transformed the kingdom of Egypt like no other dynasty before. In telling the reign of the greatest kings and queens of that dynasty, such as Akhenaten, Nefertiti or Tutankhamun, and the backstage stories of their colossal construction projects, viewers travel through a critical period that saw Egypt reborn from its ashes to become an invincible empire.

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Smithsonian Channel (US), Planète+, C8 (France), Sky History (UK), ZDF (Germany), Movistar, Discovery (Spain), Ceska TV (Czech Rep.)


Pernel Media


English, French


12 x 45'

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