The Apartment

Canal+’s cult format is back! After more than 500 episodes aired in the early 2000’s, The Apartment has successfully made its return on air!

In each episode, a celebrity is invited by the host for a one-on-one intimate discussion about their latest news, but also for a flashback on their spectacular career. Singers, actors, comedians, athletes, chefs are all welcome in the show.

However, as in no other talk show, the guest actually stays alone in the apartment for the entire show: they can only hear the host’s voice. Following the host’s instructions, the celebrity moves from one part of the apartment to another through the show.

All the episodes and interviews follow the same format.

After entering the apartment, the host and the guest start talking about their most recent news. The celebrity can sit on the sofa or stand next to the bar table. Together they explore the apartment, discovering specific decoration details and memorabilia related to their life and career. They also discuss the spectacular tailor-made view from the window.

Then the host invites the guest to sit in front of a TV set to watch highlights from their career. Movie footage, TV archives, family pictures, it is a nostalgic and emotional journey over the celebrity’s past.

Later on, the guest is asked to move next to the fire to tell us more about their tastes in terms of books, movies and music.

The show ends with the guest opening a present carefully selected by the host.

Before leaving the apartment, the celebrity is asked to take an instant photo, which will be added to the show’s collection.


Original Broadcaster

Canal+ (France)


Flab Prod





Number of episodes


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