Celebrity Song Challenge is TF1′ latest summer shiny-floor hit.

Before each show, some of the nations’s most popular celebrities (singers, TV hosts, comedians, athletes…) challenge each other on social media to step outside of their comfort zone and sing in front of a live audience!

While famous singers will have to tackle a whole new musical genre (imagine a rapper having to sing opera, a folk singer doing a dance track, or a pop star having to rap), other celebrities (TV hosts, actors, comedians…) will take the stage and sing live for the very first time.

Leader on general audience and every commercial target, the show was a success for TF1. An average 2.7 million viewers watched the show which reached excellent shares: 17.3% on 4+ (+5 pts vs TF1’s average on this slot in summer 2019), 26.6% on W15-49, French main commercial target) (+8 pts), 20.8% on 25-49 (+5 pts), 21.8% on People 15-34. (+6 pts)

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TF1 (France)






Up to 120'


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