The Guignols

Canal+’s iconic, top-rated and award-winning satiric puppet show takes on the world with more hilarious characters. The show is available as weekly international episodes in English which can be locally adapted through the line-production hub in Paris.

The Guignols is a very successful daily satirical landmark and emblematical cross-generational puppet show. It has been a constant audience success running in France for over 25 years. It’s unique blend of caricature, humour and parody, has been challenging and amusing audiences, politicians and celebrities who cannot escape the references to their Guignol character. Their Guignols have entered into people’s lives like no other programme, providing them with a unique opportunity to unmask and laugh about the play and gesticulations of the almighty. The quality of the programme and it’s very unique approach makes it the most talked about program by French people and the French media, to the point of having integrated new words and expressions in daily language. As a high involvement show it is also very successful on digital and social media.

The Guignols is now available in a weekly news version to focus their unique humour and irony on international politics, society, entertainment and sports. Obama, Trump, The Clintons, Bernie Sander, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Ronaldo or Messi, are all part of this new chaotic and hilarious World stage of the Guignols.

News feed
English pilot

Original Broadcaster

Canal+ (France)


NPA Production


Daily and weekly


8' (daily), 26' (weekly)


France, Spain, Maghreb, USA
Sketches in English
Sketches in Spanish

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