The Naked Travellers
Factual Entertainment

Two bold young adventurers set off naked and penniless, only equipped with a knife, a bundle, three discreet cameras and a drone.

They spontaneously film their journeys, giving free rein to the unexpected and the authentic.

Thanks to barter, services rendered and the generosity of the people they meet, they find clothes, food, accommodation and help to get around (on foot, by bike, hitchhiking by car or plane, caravan, canoe, etc.).

In each episode, they attempt to reach their goal (often a childhood dream) several hundred kilometres away, such as having tea with a Lord in England, seeing the northern lights in Iceland or flying in a hot-air balloon over the volcanoes of Auvergne.

Far from any desire to attract viewers’ attention in a degrading way, The Naked Travellers has a very specific aim: to demonstrate that there is solidarity shared by all. The idea is simply for the hosts to “start their journey with absolutely nothing”, as vagabonds, relying only on people’s kindness and will to help.

From the Oscar winning producers behind March of the Penguins, The Naked Travellers is about pure love, encounters, crazy travel anecdotes and great lessons in humanity. It has been airing on France 5 since 2012 with ratings reaching new records year after year.



France 5


Bonne Pioche

Number of seasons



52' weekly

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