The Unexpected Getaway

In each episode, 3 celebrities who have never met go on a 24-hour break in the countryside. A moment out of time to meet and talk about love, friendship, life with its obstacles and surprises.

They were not born stars, but had a dream. All are now on top of their game and live a frenetic life.

Singer, actor, comedian, TV anchor, chef… they have accepted to drop their mobile and spend 24 hours in an idyllic house isolated from the rest of the world.

Guided by the host, they will go down memory lane. They will reveal everything about their childhood, but also relate their first steps toward success and their current life as some of the Nation’s most popular people.

How did the guests achieve their dream? What was the journey? What obstacles did they encounter? Was it worth it? The narration is based on “disruptive” questions, deep or light, to provoke reactions and emotions.

Over their stay, the celebrities will get to know each other and become closer. Between tears and laughter, everyone will reveal the invisible thread of their story.



France 2


Yume Production




45' to 90'


France, Canada

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