Undercover Leader
Factual Entertainment

Do the men and women who govern have a realistic vision of our societies? Isn’t the celebrity status that political leaders around the world are reaching, diverting them from people’s real issues? Aren’t our legislators living in a virtual world?

Throughout the world, citizens, workers, normal people are all feeling that the men and women who run the country are living far away from the daily issues they’re all confronted to. Undercover Leader is a ground-breaking TV format that aims at answering all these questions, by taking top ranking political leaders, into the shoes of normal people, so they can face all the hardships their constituencies are dealing with in their daily life.

The leaders will go through an extensive professional special effect make-up sequence that sees their face and body change completely to make sure the leaders stand anonymous.

This experiment will allow the politicians to real tough situations and receive transparent and non-biased reactions from citizens about these very important social matters.


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France (D8)

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